Hello App

Personal project of a mobile app - from the idea for functionality, name and branding to an extensive UX process. Visual design planned for the coming weeks.


When: August 2020
Agency: personal project
Role: Idea × UX design × Branding & UI Design (coming up)
Tools: Figma × Adobe Xd × Adobe Illustrator × Goodnotes × Miro
The idea for the Hello App came to my mind a few months ago when, during a casual conversation with friends, we found it would be fun to create an app that would allow you to meet new people in your area, but not necessarily for dating purposes. A product that would combine the functionalities of, for example, Tinder, Badoo and Facebook. Where you can post with announcements, have chat conversations, add friends, but also easily find people with similar interests near your location.

I thought that designing such a mobile application would be a great way to practice my skills in the field of user experience design, conducting research with users, conducting tests and prototyping. I encourage you to follow my results!
My Design Process
User Research & Competitive Analysis

The first step in my process was extensive research. For several days, I used popular meeting applications to learn about their operation and gather my insights. I also conducted a survey among friends who use meeting applications on a daily basis, which covered such issues as:
1. The most commonly used meeting applications, their advantages and disadvantages.
2. Detailed goals of using meeting applications.
3. The degree of importance of individual features and functionalities for users of meeting applications.
4. What functions are missing from the meeting applications known to them.
5. All the above information compiled with such characteristics of users as: gender, age, education, place of residence, the most frequently used devices.
My research conclusions are as follows:

1. Users of meeting applications most often use them via a smartphone. A laptop is in second place. PC and tablet extremely rare.
2. Almost 70% of meeting application users use them every day.
3. The most popular applications are Tinder, Facebook and Badoo.
4. The most common specific goals of using the application are:
- Gain new friends at your place of residence.
- Getting to know people with similar interests.
- Finding a partner.
6. The most important aspects of this type of application are:
- Clear, accessible functions.
- Clear notifications.
- Possibility of precise filtering.
- Easy access to the support.
7. Users appreciate the Facebook application the most for thematic groups and convenient chat with up-to-date notifications.
8. Users appreciate Badoo for its ability to filter users by interests.
9. Users are deterred from popular applications by a large amount of advertising and the need to pay premium for the basic functions of the application.
10. Users are frustrated by the fact that they are not notified of new activities on Tinder unless the application is running in the background.
11. In the applications used so far, users most miss:
- User communities focused on friendships / connections.
- Ability to filter searches in terms of hobbies, interests, common features, etc.
- Direct contact with the support.
User Personas

After analyzing my own observations and research with users, I decided to start organizing the information. The first approach was to create two personas that are the target audience of Hello App. I used the results of the survey to create their silhouettes.
Mind Map

Then I proceeded to create a mind map where I included all the previous conclusions and generated some new ideas for features and branding.
The next step was working on information architecture, sketching ideas, creating wireframes on paper and User Flows. Below you can see the visualization of the application structure created with the Miro tool and the screen sketches created with the GoodNotes.

App Map
First prototypes

The time has come to transfer some of the ideas to digital wireframes and test their operation on end users. Two users took part in the first phase of usability testing. 

They received a digital prototype of several Hello App screens and 3 tasks to be performed:

1. Find the notification icon and check the latest notifications. Dismiss the friend request and return to the home screen.
2. On the main page of the Forum, go to the latest post. Check comments. Then go to the author's profile and add her to your friends. Go back to the home page.
3. Find the chat icon in the navigation. Enter the latest conversation with Alice and start a voice conversation. Then start the webcam and end the conversation. Go back to the main chat screen.

A perfect way through the tasks would be:

Meanwhile, tests on people unrelated to the project revealed a few things that should be optimized.

1. The notification icon is hard to find quickly. I have to rethink its location on the screen or look for a way to emphasize it (e.g. with color) in high-fidelity solutions.
2. The main screen of the Forum is missing the information that it is a "Forum" page. User can get lost in navigation. I need to add the page name to the top of the screen or opt out of naming it altogether and treat the forum as Home (in this case, change the icon in navigation).
3. Video chat should be available immediately from the chat window, next to the voice chat icon. Users know this solution from Facebook, are used to it and find it more intuitive.
Next Steps
The next steps in the project are further testing and iteration of solutions by adding more screens to the digital prototype and further usability tests.
When all the features of the application will be tested at the low-fi mockups stage, I will move on to UI design and further testing more beautiful, colorful mockups :)
At this stage, I am constantly improving the UX design and learning the processes in practice. Meeting the user's requirements is a huge challenge, but also an amazing adventure, bringing very interesting conclusions and a lot of knowledge.
Stay tuned for the next results of my work on Hello App. Maybe in a few months we will see it in the AppStore? :)

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