Hi! My name is Angelika Paterak. I am a self-taught UX/UI Designer with 1+ year experience in designing web interfaces and user interactions. Familiar with UX techniques such as: user research, creating personas, wireframing, prototyping, interviews with stakeholders, creating information architecture. Currently working in a small team of designers and developers in a non-profit organization. Known for her seamless collaboration, creativity and determination to constantly expand knowledge. Based in Cracow, Poland.

I have been creating graphics as an amateur for years, but I discovered my professional calling during my logistics studies and for many months I have been intensively expanding my knowledge in the field of UX and UI. Surrounding myself with good design patterns and working under the guidance of mentors from Coding Tree, I have created several commercial projects that have allowed me to develop as a UX/UI designer, but I still want more!

I am looking for new professional development opportunities that will allow me to expand my knowledge and become a designer who understands users and their needs even better.
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